About Us

Whitetail Seduction was born out of what 3 hunters and one of the most successful outfitters in the country, Whitetail Heaven Outfitters, has observed actually works. We’ve created a mineral blend that has a precise salt level while including amounts of antler building minerals/vitamins that your deer herd will want to consume due to the moderate but consumable dosages we provide in our mineral mix.


Whitetail Seduction deer mineral cannot be reproduced in a basement and definitely did not happen overnight.  Over the years we bought a number of mineral supplements from the big chain stores but never really found one we really liked. We have gone to great extremes to create a deer mineral that is HIGHLY attractive and has just the right percentages of salt, minerals, and vitamins that your deer herd will consume and assist your herd in maximizing their full potential.


We want to thank you for trying our Whitetail Seduction deer mineral. Remember any deer mineral company can get you to purchase a mineral once. At Whitetail Seduction our goal is to gain your commitment and earn your repeat business.  Please note that we can't be held responsible for your taxidermy bills or the cost of the batteries that you will be replacing more frequently in your trail cameras.

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