Whitetail Seduction Trophy Minerals

Will bring the big boys in on a string, a powerful mineral attractant allowing you to re-position deer where you want them.


Our mineral is designed to provide your deer herd with the macro and micro trace minerals, along with vitamins A, D and E needed to maximize antler growth. Each bag of Whitetail Seduction trophy mineral contains a flavor pouch that you pour over your mineral site that creates an aroma and flavor trophy bucks simply can’t resist.  This secret flavoring provides your deer herd with numerous benefits to include an improved digestive system, better nutrient absorption of the Whitetail Seduction Trophy Mineral and weight gain and antler development.

About Us


First and foremost we are hunters first. There is something to be said about experience or knowledge gained in the field versus a product that is created in a lab and driven by marketing claims telling you that their product is guaranteed to grow the largest racks due to what they have seen works in a lab. We believe in hunters making products for hunters.
Quality Formula


It is important to remember that antlers are a luxury and are not essential for a buck. A buck only has enough energy for growing large antlers if he is able to satisfy his own body requirements first. Simply stated, a buck will ensure he has enough minerals and nutrients to ensure his survival and only then will any excess minerals and nutrients be available for antler growth. This is why utilizing Whitetail Seduction deer mineral is essential.

One of the questions we get asked most often is what time of the year should deer mineral be used. Deer mineral should be used year round. The deer will utilize mineral throughout the year. However, due to the deer herds changing nutritional needs, the deer will require more key vitamins and minerals throughout the antler growing and lactation season. Some deer require more minerals than others due to their age, quality of soil and overall health.

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